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Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions

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Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions

Understanding Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solutions1. Why Virtualization?
Understanding Dynamic IT
Benefits of Virtualization
Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios
Microsoft’s Integrated Virtualization Solution
Additional Resources

2. Server Virtualization
Understanding Server Virtualization
Understanding the Hyper-V Architecture
Key Features of Hyper-V
Key Benefits of Using Hyper-V
Hyper-V Usage Scenarios
Working with Hyper-V
Additional Resources

3. Local Desktop Virtualization
Examining the Benefits of Each Technology
Examining Usage Scenarios for Each Technology
Availability of Each Technology
Understanding Windows Virtual PC and the Windows XP
Mode Environment
Understanding MED-V
Understanding App-V
Additional Resources

4. Remote Desktop Virtualization
Examining the Benefits of Remote Desktop Virtualization
Examining Usage Scenarios for Remote Desktop Virtualization
Availability of Remote Desktop Virtualization Technologies
Understanding Remote Desktop Services
Understanding Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Additional Resources

5. Virtualization Management
Understanding Virtual Machine Manager
Key Features of VMM
Key Benefits of VMM
Usage Scenarios for VMM
Working with VMM 2008 R2
Microsoft System Center Solutions
Additional Resources

6. Cloud Computing
What Is Cloud Computing?
Examining the Benefits of Cloud Computing
Examining Cloud-Computing Usage Scenarios
Understanding Microsoft’s Cloud-Computing Platform
Availability of Microsoft’s Cloud-Computing Platform
Additional Resources


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17/02/2010 at 4:44 am

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