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Outlook Live R3, What’s New?

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Здесь и далее речь пока идет о программе Live@edu но так как они работают на Exchange 14 думаю многое мы и уведем в итоге у нас в организациях.

…вот что обещали добавить/обновить в Outlook Live R3,

End-User Features/Functionality  
Support for Safari and Firefox
Users enjoy the great functionality they get in Outlook Live with Internet Explorer but sometimes want the flexibility to use other web browsers.  Outlook Live Premium support will be available for IE 7+ as well as Firefox 3+ and Safari 3+ (MAC only).  
Instant Messaging and Presence
Outlook Live now contains instant messaging integrated into the web mail interface, connected to the Live Messenger Service (hosted).  Using the colorful status indicator of another person, users can quickly decide if they should send an e-mail or just fire off a quick IM to get a fast response.

Conversation View
Conversation View allows users to group conversation so that they can view messages in context and narrow the number of messages in their inbox that they must pay attention to

Mailbox Aggregation
Mailbox Aggregation allows users to aggregate other personal e-mail accounts within Outlook Live, giving users a single inbox experience.  In this release, adding ability to aggregate Hotmail and POP accounts.

Live Header
Addition of the Live header bar across the top of the Outlook Live web experience.

Improved Performance
The Outlook Live web performance is much improved in this release.

Improved co-branding of school logo in the Live Header


IT Pro features/functionality
Closed Campus filter
Closed Campus filter, an e-mail filter, set at the transport layer, allows an organization to ring fence communications within the domain.  Moreover, simple exceptions can be added to this, allowing e-mail to/from select addresses outside the domain.
Ethical Firewall filter
Ethical Firewall filter, an e-mail filter set at the transport layer, allows an organization to prevent e-mail communications between two pre-defined individuals or groups (e.g Senior High School students to Elementary School students)
Bad Word Filters
Bad Word filters, set at the transport layer, allows an organization to block e-mail communications containing a pre-defined set of bad words.
Exchange Management Shell
The Exchange Management Shell, a command-line interface, based on Windows PowerShell v2, allows administrators to automate routine and repetitive tasks.  The Exchange Management Shell now supports remote access capabilities offered in Windows PowerShell v2.  In this release, performance and reliability are greatly improved.
Exchange Control Panel
Exchange Control Panel is a web management user interface giving administrators control of their organization.  In this release, we have added cross-mailbox search and other administrative capabilities.
Segmented Address Book
Outlook Live will no longer provide the option for a Segmented address book. You’re school may hides/unhides users through mailbox plans http://help.outlook.com/en-us/140/dd229067.aspx .
Proxy Address Support
Proxy Address Support allows an administrator to configure alternate e-mail addresses for each mailbox.  For example, student34587@school.edu can have a proxy address of john.doe@school.edu.  In this release, users can now set the "from" address using a proxy address, when sending an e-mail.


Посмотрим что будет, пока ждем.


Written by Arman Obosyan

16/02/2009 at 6:15 am

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